'It makes shipping a container as easy as using Google Maps’    

The modal shift from road to alternative modalities is currently one of the biggest logistics challenges. So, it’s not surprising that multimodal and intermodal transport is gaining ground. But to meet the need for climate friendly and reliable supply chains, more needs to be done. Transport must be faster, more flexible, cheaper and more sustainable. It is therefore important that your business processes operate seamlessly. enables you as a freight forwarder to plan your container transport in the most efficient, reliable or sustainable way. We do this by connecting and harmonising all global container operators and terminals in a single overview showing your optimal route options. Our website is freely accessible and makes planning a container as easy as using Google Maps. 

Empowering freight forwarders in making optimal supply chain decisions 

Until now, there was no centralised, easy container transport solution in the market that presented all the schedules and information of intermodal container operators in a single place. Information had to be collected from different websites and sources, making it fragmented and non-transparent. With Routescanner, you can manage all your activities from orientation and comparison to requests from one central place. It forms the link between the individual container operators and freight forwarders seeking the optimal route for their shipment. No need to compare schedules on different operators’ websites; all the information is at your fingertips. We go door-to-door, connecting all the modalities such as deep-sea, shortsea, rail and barge, and last mile trucking in a single place.   

Be a frontrunner in making sustainable decisions 

We have seen that shippers are increasingly demanding sustainable transport solutions. With Routescanner, you can provide added value for your customers by combining different modes of transport and choosing the options with lower CO2 emissions, such as rail transport or inland shipping. In this way, you can ensure that your clients meet the sustainable requirements of their customers.  

Easily accessible and 100% free to use  

We encourage freight forwarders to consider sustainability in their decision making. And if it’s as easy as planning your route via Google Maps, why not give it a go? Let’s move the future of sustainable supply chains together.   

You can register on our website and guess what – it’s free! You’ll get unlimited searches and additional features to make your process less time consuming. So, what’s your optimal door-to-door container route? Visit and start rethinking your supply chain today!

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