DeltaPort showcases its connectivity with Routerscanner
Direct connections

DeltaPort showcases its connectivity via our online network map

DeltaPort sees the importance of digital visibility of their connections and is the first German port to take action by placing an embedded network map on their website. By doing so, they make it easy for companies in their region to easily find and compare the fastest, or most sustainable container routes from a to b.  


Visualisation of hinterland connections 

Located in the border region, DeltaPort offers an important connection between the major Deepsea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the North-Rhine Westfalen region in Germany. The port operates 3 terminals and offers a strategic location just before the Duisburg region. With the embedded network map on their website, DeltaPort is now able to visualise its trimodal container terminals and inland barge connections to- and from the port. By doing so, the Port enables its visitors to always have insight into up-to-date schedule information and hereby make better shipping decisions.

It is important to visualise the connectivity of DeltaPort by showing the opportunities we can offer via our hinterland operators.

Andreas Stolte
Managing Director at DeltaPort



Integration with 

By digitalising their connections via the website, users are linked to at a touch of a button. Here, they can find detailed information on frequencies, lead-times, transfers, and CO2 emissions. Operators HTS Group, Contargo and Haeger & Schmidt, who call at DeltaPort, will thus have a better opportunity to make their services visible. When users visit, they can get easily in touch with these (barge) operators to request a quotation.  


About DeltaPort 

DeltaPort is the association of the Rhein-Lippe Port and the City Port, located within the municipal area of the City of Wesel on the Lower Rhine, Germany. With their trimodal container terminals, the port offers an important link between the inland waterways of Europe and the first- or lastmile connection by truck. The border region is characterised by excellent connections to the major ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.  

Have a look at the connections map on their website here: 


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