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Routescanner enables lead generation for CFL

CFL has joined Routescanner from the beginning. It is great to see they perceive the collaboration with us as warm, friendly, and understanding. Besides finding Routescanner proactive and professional, CFL points out Routescanner is constantly aware of the market and new developments. By visualizing their network on Routescanner, we have enabled CFL to derive potential new customers they previously may not have had the opportunity to contact – now resulting in new leads! In terms of digitalization within supply chains, we are honored that we could arrange a major part of that for CFL. The future of supply chains breathes digitalization, especially with the younger generation being fully adapted to digital developments. Therefore, it is very important to keep up with the pace digitalization takes over the logistics industry. According to CFL, the power of here, lays with clearly visualized networks, and track & trace. We are glad we could help them with the visualizations and look forward to further collaborations with CFL.

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