Port of Rotterdam launched Direct Connection
Direct connections

Port of Rotterdam now promotes its global network of intermodal transport connections via the Direct Connections solution

We are proud to announce that on the 1st of July, Port of Rotterdam became the first port authority to launch Routescanner’s Direct Connections solution. This solution allows shippers & freight forwarders to compare all global and intermodal transport connections to, from and via the Port of Rotterdam, including rail, barge, short- and deepsea.   

 Port of Rotterdam not only sees the port itself as a hub for goods flows but also as a component of transparent, digital transport chains. That is why the Port of Rotterdam has recently launched the Direct Connections solution on its own website, allowing supply chain parties to achieve greater efficiency within their logistic processes.   


Port of Rotterdam is proud to be launching Routescanner Direct Connections and embrace the neutral comparison of global container routes with this digital solution.

Matthijs van Doorn
Vice-president Commercial at Port of Rotterdam

Intermodal transport connections  

The Port of Rotterdam is ideally situated for intermodal transport connections. In addition, Port of Rotterdam is the start and end point of more than 100 international rail and barge connections. European destinations are reachable within 24 hours, which is now visible within the Routescanner application on the Port of Rotterdam corporate website. Start exploring Rotterdam’s global network of container shipping routes here: Connections | Port of Rotterdam 


Direct Connections solution for ports 

Does your port provide excellent connectivity? Routescanner Direct Connections solution is available for ports that want to visualize and showcase their intermodal network of container routes. Routescanner is ready to connect your local sea and inland operators with their schedule information.  

  Read the full press release from Port of Rotterdam here: 

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