Routescanner enables digitalization for CargoBeamer
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Routescanner enables digitalization for CargoBeamer

CargoBeamer has been part of the Routescanner journey from the very beginning. They describe Routescanner as an interesting platform which has already gained a lot of traction in the industry. While its use is very simple and intuitive, the team managed to get several operators on board within the first few months, making it a meaningful tool for capacity management in logistics. CargoBeamer considers the addition of the rail sector very important to promote modal shift. They look forward to the future and see Routescanner grow!


Routescanner has enabled CargoBeamer to generate more sales via a different channel than the ones they previously used, to reach potential clients throughout Europe. Like Routescanner, CargoBeamer is a young, fast-growing business that operates across several countries in Europe. They are happy to partner with Routescanner by offering their trains via the platform, and they are glad to see their first bookings are coming in through the collaboration with Routescanner. CargoBeamer mentions that Routescanner has always proven to be a very cooperative partner, both regarding the setup of CargoBeamer’s presence on the platform and maintaining their routing network. 


Digitalization in logistics and supply chains has become increasingly important. Although digital improvements are happening within logistics, Routescanner will play an even more significant role when it comes to digitalization of supply chains. From CargoBeamer’s side: “publishing our network of routes on the platform, was as easy as ever!” Join now, and contribute to digitalization!

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