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Google Maps for container routes

Finding the best route for shipping a container from A to B was still a puzzle in 2020. In 2021, Routescanner is going to change all this. Routescanner is an independent platform that lets you find optimum routes for worldwide container shipping. It works as easy as Google Maps.

Making better choices

Our aim is to make it easy for shippers and freight forwarders to select the smartest options according to their requirements. Via our website users have free access to the Routescanner interface. Once you have set your point of departure and destination, you will be presented with a range of deep-sea, short-sea, rail and inland shipping options. You can then make a choice based on your priorities; for example, you can select the shortest, fastest or most sustainable route. Our engine will determine which routing options are available for your shipment and present the most relevant results. After selecting the optimal route, you can find all additional information about the operators and contact them directly.  

Transparency in sailing schedules

Over the past year, we have added a large number of operators to the platform. This year we want to complete the picture. Although it’s a challenging task, we can only create complete logistical transparency by being open about connections. We do this by making it very easy for operators to share their schedules with us. Everyone can participate, whatever the size of their operation, and they can do so automatically or manually. 

We make it easy for shippers and freight forwarders to select the smartest options according to their requirements

For the industry and with the industry

Our aim is that everyone benefits. Operators become more visible, while shippers and freight forwarders are more easily able to compare routes and find the one that best suits them. By listening carefully to both sides of the supply chain, we can provide full insight into it. This means we are doing this both for the industry and with the industry.

By Chantal Gouka

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