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Actionable, accessible and trustworthy data at your fingertips with our breakthrough intermodal algorithms. Report your emission, rethink your supply chain and reduce inefficiencies through continuous supply chain optimization.




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The largest global network of carriers across rail, barge, sea and truck

  • Trailer Bridge
  • Schavemaker Logistics
  • Maritime Transport
  • TX Logistik
  • Independent Container Line
Global database of trustworthy schedules

From the largest deepsea carriers to the most specialised intermodal operators, we provide unparalleled visibility in container logistics.

Proprietary algorithm for the best routes

Find the most efficient routes with an intelligent algorithm that does the thinking for you.

Accredited emissions calculations

Our Smart Freight Centre GLEC-accreditation guarantees accurate emission calculation according to the internally recognized framework.


Find better container routes for your trade lanes

Routescanner enables complex multi-factor container portfolio optimization. Go beyond reporting and start rethinking your logistics today. Set your own parameters and run design scenarios for continuous optimization.

  • 670.872 schedules
  • 243 operators
  • 1.268 ports
  • 4.663 terminals
  • 117 countries
  • Deepsea
  • Shortsea
  • Barge
  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Lead time
  • Transfers
  • Frequency
  • Emissions
  • Reliability (beta)
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Easily upload your portfolio for accurate emissions insights

Routescanner is there for all businesses. Get in touch to provide your own or your clients' shipment portfolio via Excel or CSV and receive GLEC-accredited emission insights on a leg, shipment and portfolio level.

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Seamlessly connect with our API

Analyze your container shipments on a continuous basis within your own TMS, ERP or other procurement system by connecting with our APIs. Build up portfolio insights by tracking emissions as part of your procurement.

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Rely on credible sustainability reporting standards

The GLEC-Framework (Global Logistics Emissions Council) is the only globally recognized methodology for harmonized calculation and reporting of the logistics GHG footprint across the multi-modal supply chain. It is in alignment with:

More about the industry standard GLEC Framework

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