Emissions Calculation

Emissions Calculation for container logistics

Upload your shipment data, or connect to our API, and receive carbon footprint reports or CO2e values for all of your shipments.

Meet increasing demand for emission reporting

Simplify carbon emissions reporting for your clients by creating shipment-specific reports.

Comply with mandatory reporting legislation

Upcoming legislation in the EU and the US demands all companies report on their transport emissions. We make it easy.

Insight in your container emissions

Reporting your emissions has never been easier. Just upload your trade lanes or container shipments or connect to our API.

Made simple

Reporting accurately made easy

Share the trade lanes and shipments you want emissions for and we calculate it for you. From anywhere to anywhere in the world. Our calculations are based on real truck, rail, ocean and barge schedules from our operators and in accordance with the GLEC framework.

Regulatory compliance

Help your customers with emission reporting regulation

Soon your customers have to report on their emissions according to the:

  • 🇪🇺 EU - Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Give them insight on:

  • Total carbon emissions of shipments.
  • Emissions per leg of the journey.
  • Emissions for specific containers.

Based on the international reporting standard

Our calculations are based on the GLEC-Framework (Global Logistics Emissions Council). It is the only globally recognised transport emissions calculation methodology and in alignment with:

  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • UN-led Global Green Freight Action Plan
  • CDP Reporting

How to get started

Frequently asked questions

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