Comparing apples to apples in the supply chain?

Comparing apples to apples? That's possible today with

When it comes to making supply chain decisions, no one wants to compare apples to oranges and make suboptimal comparisons. As a neutral platform, Routescanner enables shippers and forwarders to overcome the challenges of fragmented information by giving them a transparent and comprehensive overview into worldwide container transport options. Hereby, container shipments can be planned more efficiently and eventually also operated more sustainable. Recently, we reached out to the market with the aim to activate leading logistics companies to use our platform and start making better shipping decisions.  

The activation of Routescanner 

With our team, we visited a number of leading logistics companies in the area of Twente and Brabant. We introduced our platform to shippers such as Tesla, Coolblue, Bleckman, Pantos, Grolsch and amongst others, we also activated forwarders in the region of Rotterdam to explore our platform. Given the fact that many of these companies are looking for smart ways to reduce manual and low-value tasks when planning container shipments, it was great to see that Routescanner was enthusiastically received;  

Routescanner is a brilliant solution, because it is very useful to have all schedule information in a single overview. We will use it every time we want to explore and optimize (new) trade routes.

Routescanner collage act11.png

The platform gives a good overview of all logistics operators and enables us to look for alternative options when necessary.

Discover Routescanner win action!  

At the same time, we gave the logistics teams the opportunity to test their search skills and explore our platform through an interactive win game; users did two searches and had to find the right answers related to CO2 emissions and modes of container transport. In the sense of comparing apples with apples, we brought along a small (and healthy) present for the whole logistics team! 


Routescanner is an innovative platform that gives us more insight into the future planning of container transport.

Juriaan de Haan
Supply Planner Team Private Label at Coolblue

Easy acces and free registration 

After the visit, many companies immediately registreted for a free account on and started to look up their first container routes. From now on, they can find and compare the best options for door-to-door container transport with just a click of a button. As a web-based solution, is easy and quick to implement into your daily workflow. Information is power. And with visibility into worldwide container routes, you can start making better shipping decisions. Start your search at:  

Author: Wietse Bruinsma


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