Another matchmaking is a fact
Matchmaking, Success Story

Another matchmaking is a fact

Via FET Logistik found a new intermodal transport partner in Modal3 Logistik. This medium-sized tank transport company located in Steinheim - Germany, has focus on the supply and disposal of production plants. In Modal 3, they finally found a partner who can respond to their customers’ daily challenges in intermodal transport at short notice.


With the use of the Routescanner platform, a connection has been exposed and the sent quote request has been picked up correctly by Modal 3.  This new partnership saves 50% CO2 emissions on the 270-kilometer distance between Hamburg and Haldensleben, compared to direct trucking per TEU one way.  As mentioned by FET Logistik, they are looking forward to future collaborations and of course we are also very happy about that! We want to thank Torsten Baum from FET Logistik GmbH and Mats Lueer from Modal 3 Logistik GmbH for their trust and the use of Routescanner.

Do you want to reach out to FET Logistik GmbH or Modal 3 Logistik GmbH or are you interested in exploring different routes? Register for free at and find out yourself!

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