Software Improvement Group (SIG) x Routescanner

Software Improvement Group Confirms Neutrality of Routescanner Routing System

In a recent evaluation conducted by the Software Improvement Group (SIG), our routing engine has been confirmed to be neutral. The comprehensive analysis involved code review, data analysis, and extensive experiments to ensure the neutrality controls of the system. This affirmation strengthens our position as a trusted global player in the container logistics industry and emphasizes our commitment to transparency and sustainability.

The Power of Neutrality
Neutrality lies at the core of Routescanner's strength and credibility. Its unique intelligent search algorithm plays a pivotal role in identifying optimal routes, including those that help minimize carbon emissions. To establish trust, SIG conducted a thorough assessment of the neutrality controls implemented in our routing system. The evaluation process confirmed that the platform is indeed neutral. Our commitment to transparency fosters confidence and ensures the integrity of the platform.

Assessment by SIG
Rob van der Veer, the project leader at SIG, spearheaded the assessment process. Van der Veer, who is also Senior Director at Software Improvement Group, is extensively involved in global and European research and standardization in the field of AI. As the lead author of the ISO/IEC 5338 standard on AI engineering and an advisor to prominent organizations such as NCSC, ENISA, and OWASP, his expertise adds weight to SIG's evaluation. Van der Veer concludes, "Routescanner selects the best routing options solely based on optimization goals and not because of any specific operators or ports involved."

Our Commitment to Trust and Neutrality
Kevin Kruijthoff, Director of Product & Technology at Routescanner, emphasizes the company's core values of trust and neutrality. The decision to have their algorithms audited and verified by a neutral and trusted third party aligns with Routescanner's belief in transparency. Kruijthoff states, "Now, users can be even more confident that our optimizations will genuinely provide them with the best results."

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