About Routescanner

We’re dedicated to improve efficiency and sustainability in container logistics. We believe that transparency in container routing options will facilitate and support sustainable and efficient supply chains.

Our values

  • route

    Lead the Good Way

    From showing the good way to ship your good from a to b, to sustainably adapting the way you approach shipments. We have ‘doing good’ at our core.

  • sustainability

    Sustainable connections

    We believe that only sustainable connections and relationships are here to stay. That’s why we cherish interaction and focus on lasting solutions. We grow our business in a way that we all benefit.

  • transparency


    Confidence comes from feeling supported in your decision. By being open in what we do and providing full transparency we create the conditions to make good decisions.

  • cargo


    We believe shipping a container should be easy. That’s why we reduce complexity, keep it simple and communicate clearly.

  • masters

    Route Masters

    We are determined to pave the unbeaten path. Our route to success—and much of the fun— lies in developing good ways.

Where we are today

We’re currently focusing on connecting as many inland and ocean operators as possible in order to provide you the best source for schedules. Next to providing schedules we want to focus on reliability indicators of these schedules and the availability of container spots to provide a relevant overview.




Connected terminals




Ports and Inland hubs

Our dedicated team to make it happen

  • Chantal Gouka

    Chantal Gouka

    Making ideas happen and leading the Routescanner team to make a positive impact

  • Steven Jan van Hengel

    Steven Jan van Hengel

    Making the industry a better place using my limited capabilities, charisma, and serial optimism

  • Kevin Kruijthoff

    Kevin Kruijthoff

    Complexity simplifier getting it done. Delivering the best decision support system for container shipments

  • Giovanna Franceschini

    Giovanna Franceschini

    Connecting people and their businesses.

  • Kim Los

    Kim Los

    Enabling users to make informed and valuable decisions by offering high quality data and intelligent models

  • Evert Duijn

    Evert Duijn

    Making Routescanner the best looking and easy to use logistic platform in the world

  • Leontien Snijders

    Leontien Snijders

    Customers are the anchor, so customer happiness is what makes me happy

  • Karin Akkers

    Karin Akkers

    The world is my playground. I take care for a solid base to let this global platform grow!

  • Kees Eveleens Maarse

    Kees Eveleens Maarse

    Supplying Routescanner with the most reliable and accurate Carbon Emission data so users can select a sustainable transport option

  • Wietse Bruinsma

    Wietse Bruinsma

    Leveraging the power of marketing to connect audiences and create better (digital) experiences. Embracer of change, believer in

  • Liselotte Lorenzo Sanchez

    Liselotte Lorenzo Sanchez

    Connecting the Spanish and Latin American market using my experience in the international container shipping industry

  • Isa Obdeijn

    Isa Obdeijn

    Contributing to the growth of Routescanner to become a global platform for container shipments

  • Kars Hoving

    Kars Hoving

    Helps to build traction. Proud to be part of the Routescanner team

  • Ruud van Dijk

    Ruud van Dijk

    Proposition developer with an endless drive to create the most impactful services for our customers

  • Rob Tonissen

    Rob Tonissen

    Collaboration is key. Contribute to increase the value for users and operators

  • Mauricio Coelho

    Mauricio Coelho

    {`Pushing the <body /> to the limits and living on the edge`}

  • Fausto Moya

    Fausto Moya

    Building software to help the container shipment world become greener, transparent and efficient

  • Kevin Bos

    Kevin Bos

    Providing a solid foundation for finding the optimal solution in container logistics

  • Alexander Chatzizacharias

    Alexander Chatzizacharias

    Finding creative and innovative technical solutions to solve the problems of container logistics

  • Rahimuddin Mohammad

    Rahimuddin Mohammad

    Going above and beyond to make the app better and simpler.

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