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Expanding the reach of your ocean network

By Steven Jan van Hengel

 A lot of ocean carriers have committed and invested heavily into digitalisation of the industry over recent years. In doing so, they often focus on developing their own platforms. These individual platforms offer their customers insight into the carrier’s services and online booking options. But what they lack, as individual solutions, is an easy-to-use platform for shippers and freight forwarders to search connections across the globe and neutrally compare different carriers in one clear overview. Routescanner is doing this, it forms a link between the platforms operated by individual shipping lines and shippers and freight forwarders seeking the optimal route for their shipment.

 Supply and demand – from door-to-door

Routescanner allows carriers to present their networks of services to a wider audience. Both their own operated ocean network and that of their inland (carrier haulage) network partners – from door-to-door, in other words. Our global platform brings together supply and demand in the container shipping industry. With a number of carriers already on board, we are now working to make the platform truly comprehensive. Indeed, this is also what shippers and forwarders are asking us to do.

Direct connection

Joining the Routescanner network is very easy. With the help of an API, EDI or XML, the carrier’s portfolio of services is integrated directly into the Routescanner platform. And we are of course compatible with the DCSA Vessel Schedule standard! Our platform offers a user-friendly visual overview of the different connections on offer – making it very simple for shippers and forwarders to search and compare their options. 

Seamless integration

Working together with the carriers, we will be able to realise a seamless customer journey for shippers and forwarders. Routescanner will offer a smooth, uninterrupted flow from searching and comparing the options into booking. This means the shipper or forwarder no longer has to navigate from Routescanner to different booking platform of several operators: the required information can all be found at a single location facilitating business. 

Coming into contact with potential customers has never been easier. In short: everyone benefits.

Steven Jan van Hengel

Mutually beneficial

Participating in the platform is to both parties’ advantage. Shippers and forwarders benefit from a single point of entry where they can find the information they need. The more shipping lines that take part in Routescanner, the more finely meshed the network becomes in terms of coverage – and the better it is able to cater to shippers’ needs. And the more searches that shippers place via the network, the greater the reach for the participating shipping lines and business it generates. Coming into contact with potential customers has never been easier. In short: everyone benefits.

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