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Meet our team member Leontien!

Leontien has real ‘barge blood’. After being born in Rotterdam, she spent the first eight years of her life at her parents' barge and partly at a boarding school. Her childhood has driven her passion for logistics. During her study Leontien travelled a lot: she studied in France, Switzerland, and Germany. After graduating, she started working at ABN Amro Bank, but soon joined Rabobank's shipping department. For a period of three years, she also lived in Trinidad and Tobago. However, once she set foot in the Netherlands again she wanted to return to the maritime and logistics industry, and ended up at the Port of Rotterdam.


The Routescanner chapter has begun after Leontien was asked to onboard barge operators. Networking, being in touch with operators, but especially transferring the enthusiasm that Routescanner brings, is something that energizes Leontien every day. At Routescanner, she fulfills her role as Business Manager to onboard and maintain relations with operators. Her mission is to ensure that she makes her customers happy, and that she makes them stay. 


For Leontien, one of the most fun experiences with Routescanner was the TransLogistica fair in Poland. This was our very first fair experience, which was special. She is looking forward to all other events that she will participate in Europe and she admires what the team already has achieved with Routescanner. She believes Routescanner has a lot to offer, and her ambitions are endless. Onboarding new operators continues to fascinate her, but she would also like to shift her focus to make ports enthusiastic to support the Routescanner system and attract cargo for their own region. In her own words, “You have nothing to lose with Routescanner. There is only a lot to gain.”


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Employee stories

Meet our team member Leontien!

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